Split MicroFiber – The Ultimate Cleaning Cloth

WHAT IS Split MicroFiber? MicroFiber is a man-made product that combines two basic fibers, Polyester and Polyamide, producing fibers with a thickness less than a human hair that have been split 16 times into a "V" shape. The fibers are then woven into fabric of 80% Polyester (the scrubbing and cleaning fiber), and 20% Polyamide (The absorbing and quick drying fiber).

Benefits: The surface area of the cloth is increased by over 15 times, creating millions of crevices which trap and hold water, debris, making this product one of the most absorbent materials on earth.

The "V" shapes, while less than a micron in size, have edges which scrape the surface they are rubbed against and collect debris in the crevces as opposed to pushing debris away. Debris is trapped in the fibers and can only be released with soap and water. Water alone is not lubricating enough to release the debris.


USAGE CHART for Split MicroFiber Products
Part No. Color Usage
801TT All purpose wiping of dust or loose particles, before using any product. Super Absorbent, Super Soft Wash Cloth.
803SA For finial polish when using Novus #1 , #2 or #3 & Brillianize. Also good for Eye Glasses, CDs, Cameras Lens, LCD Screens.

MicroFiber Clothe

Split MicroFiber

Part No. Description Each 12 24 72
801TT Terry Towel - Super Absorbent -12" x 12" $1.35 $1.05 95¢ 90¢
803SA Suede Cloth - (No Fray) - Lint Free - 12" x 12" $1.80 $1.50 $1.40 $1.30

Split MicroFiber Cloths are REUSABLE!!!Washing Instructions: Machine wash with laundry detergent or hand wash with dish soap in hot water. Rinse thoroughly. Using bleach will shorten the life of your MicroFiber cloths. Do Not Use fabric softener (fabric softener leaves a film on the cloth and decreases its effectiveness). Be careful when machine washing or drying in mixed loads as MicroFiber cloths will pick up lint from other fabrics. Air dry or put in dryer at low to medium setting.