LEISTER Sales & Service Authorized Repairs Fabrication Division

Leister Authorized Repairs fabrication Division

Authorized Repairs Fabrication Division

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Leister products are developed exclusively with high-quality materials, manufactured in Switzerland and tested several times before delivery. They should offer the owner added value and provide reliable service for many years. Nevertheless, it can happen that Leister products fail and need to be repaired.

If a Leister product is damaged or no longer functions, we are here for you. Please contact Fabrication Tools and Material, Inc. (FTM) Leister specialist and Leister service partner.

Product repairs and warranty at a glance.

We offer the following services for product repairs and warranty:

  • Fast Leister product repairs.
  • Use of original Leister spare parts and suitable repair tools
  • Repaired products are checked for quality and adjusted professionally
  • Temperature calibration certification

Need Repair Service? 

  • Send your defective Leister product to Fabrication Tools and Material (FTM) 327 Industrial Dr. Ste. 1 Placerville CA 95667
  • Take your defective Leister product directly to Fabrication Tools and Material (FTM) 327 Industrial Dr. Ste. 1 Placerville CA 95667 a Leister Service Partner.

1. Send your Leister product for repair.

Whichever option is fastest and most convenient for you. We ensure that the most important spare parts are available at all times and that your repair is carried out almost immediately at the central repair center in your country.

1. Email or call FTM to request a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Form.
2. Have you Model Number and Serial Number (if applicable) available for the RMA form.
3. If necessary, add images of the area to be repaired and state your cost threshold.
4. Send in your defective Leister product with the RMA.
5. We will provide a written estimate for your approval
6. Once the repair is complete, your Leister product will be sent to you immediately. 

2. Bring your Leister product into the repair center. 

If you are in the vicinity of FTM, you are welcome to drop off your tool or tools at are facility located to 327 Industrial Dr. Ste. 1 Placerville CA 95667 Monday-Friday 7:30am – 4pm. We will be happy to complete and provide you with the RMA at that time. 

What Leister models does FTM work on?

See the complete list of Leister tools below.

  • Diode PIC
  • Diode S
  • Electron
  • Electron ST
  • Fusion 1
  • Fusion 2
  • Fusion 3
  • Fusion 3C
  • Ghibli
  • Ghibli GW
  • Hemtek ST
  • Hot Jet S
  • Labor S
  • Solano AT
  • Triac AT
  • Triac PID
  • Triac S
  • Triac ST
  • Uniplan
  • Uniplan 300/500
  • Variant T1
  • Welding pen R
  • Welding pen S
  • WeldPlast 600
  • WeldPlast S1
  • WeldPlast S2
  • WeldPlast S2 PVC
  • WeldPlast S2TPO
  • WeldPlast S4
  • WeldPlast S6

To request an RMA, click the button below or send an email to info@thefabricatorssource.com with the subject line: RMA Request.