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Ceramic Scrapers

For the Plastic Fabricator. These custom scrapers are not only ideal for scraping flat surfaces, but can also be used to bevel and radius edges. These quick and handy tools makes it easy to debur holes and curves of any size.


Acryl-Scraper™ with CERAMIC BLADE

The ultimate in blades for scraping. They have an unsurpassed flatness and square edge. Once you have used one you will be sold for life.

Part No. Description Each 2 6
CS200 Ceramic Scraper - Large $25.65 $22.75 $21.25
CS100 Ceramic Scraper - Small $25.65 $22.75 $21.25
Ceramic Scraper


Ceramic deburring knives improve safety in manufacturing environments. Ceramic blades stay sharp when working on hard plastic, glass filled nylons, ABS, melamine and soft metals. Once you have used one you will be sold for life!

Ceramic Scraper
Part No. Description Each 2 6
CS300 Ceramic Two Edge "V" Blade with Handle $38.90 $36.55 $35.65
CS301 Ceramic Two Edge Replacement "V" Blade $30.10 $28.25 $27.55